Immune Booster - Herbal Remedy - Avitech - 1oz

Immune Booster - Herbal Remedy - Avitech - 1oz

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Avitech - Immune Booster - 1 oz

AVT 01083 - Immune Booster - Supports immune function.
Immune booster stimulates resistance to many acute illnesses and general immune responses. It helps  stimulate white blood cells, T-cells and killer cells and increases and strengthens the body?s powers of resistance. It can also be given when exposure to other birds is expected such as shows, boarding and visits to the vet. 
Not to be used long term.
1oz = approximately 770 drops

Contains: Oregon grape root, echinacea purpurea root/ leaf/stem/flower, black walnut hull, lemon peel, thyme leaf, and    liquid trace minerals in a kosher certified vegetable glycerine/purified water base.


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