Gloria's Glory Basket

Gloria's Glory Basket

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Zap Strap on Back
Hanging Paper Rope - no Pear Link
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This toys is built into a holey oval masket measuring 8" x 4" x 2" deep. Filled with natural paper shreds, you can hide treats inside making this toy extra fun and rewarding. Natural pine flowers, a mahogany slice, mini vine balls, vine lanterns, hardwood beads, palm flowers and a bantam cork.

This toy is designed to me mounted directly to the side of the cage with a zap strap. Please make sure your bird does not have access to the zap strap once the toy is ripped up, to ensure safety. If you prefer to have a paper cord and pear link to hang this toy, choose this option.

Suitable for intermediate to medium-sized birds.

An original Feathered Addictions design.

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