Frutti Patee - Orlux - 250g

Frutti Patee - Orlux - 250g

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Orlux Frutti patee is a multi-colour condition food to bring extra energy to your canaries, tropical finches and small parakeets. It is also a well-accepted titbit for pet birds. Frutti patee is enriched with dried fruit. This condition food has a high nutritional value by adding 100 % pure and natural honey. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition.
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Directions for use
Provide freely three or four times a week in a separate dish.

Analytical constituents
 Crude protein  14,0 
 Crude oil  12,0 
 Moisture  10,0 
 Crude ash  5,0 
 Crude fibre  2,5 
 Calcium (Ca)  1,3 
 Phosphorus (P)  0,39 
 Vitamin A  25.000 IU/kg 
 Vitamin D3  2.250 IU/kg 
 Vitamin E  45 mg/kg 
 Vitamin K  1,36 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B1  1,8 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B2  7,2 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B3 (Panthotenic acid)  10 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B6  2,7 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B12  0,03 mg/kg 
 Vitamin C  54 mg/kg 
 Vitamin PP  36 mg/kg 
 Choline chloride  500 mg/kg 
 Folic acid  0,68 mg/kg 
 Vitamin H (Biotin)  0,06 mg/kg 
 L-lysine  0,62 
 Threonine  0,48 
 DL-methionine  0,31 
 Tryptophane  0,15 
 Cystine  0,26 
 Copper(II)sulphate pentahydrate - copper  15 mg/kg 

Orlux Frutti patee is moreover enriched with: 3 nutraceuticals:
Florastimul®, L-carnitine (Pro-Growth) and omega-3 fatty acids (Pro-Feather).

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