Double Flower Foot Toy - Small - Planet Pleasures

Double Flower Foot Toy - Small - Planet Pleasures

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Even though this is the small sized Double Flower Foot Toy, it is still a good length and packed with plenty of interesting natural materials.

For some Parrots the true value of this toy may not be discover until you attach some rope and hang it up. For those who can get a foot and beak around it there is no end of fun. Durable Bamboo has been used to create the flowers petal at either, and although they are pretty to look at they are definitely more fun to chew.

With corn cobs, wood, natural twine (offering loads of fibres for picking and preening) plus the oyster shells your Parrot has a nice variety of materials to explore. Chewing away keeps your Parrots beak in good condition and the oyster shells provide a natural source of calcium too.

Whether you and your Parrot use the Double Flower as a foot toy or decide to hang it up for easier access you can be sure that playtime is never dull.

Suitable for medium to large sized birds. 8" long with end bits!

Made by Planet Pleasures

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