Barrel of Fun Forager

Barrel of Fun Forager

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Barrel Of Fun
  • Give your bird a Barrel Of fun and a well deserved reward!
  • Hide food treats or playthings inside barrel...
  • Watch your bird's natural instinctive foraging behavior as it learns to unlock the chamber to reveal hidden delights!
  • For added foraging fun, hang several Barrels Of Fun in the cage. Hide food treats in some, playthings in others...
  • Made of safe, tough, chew resistant polymer.
  • Zinc free, nickel plated, chain, and quicklink.
  • Barrel dimensions are approx. 4" x 2" plus approx. 8' of chain and quicklink.
  • This toy now comes in clear plastic so birds can see what treat they are foraging for.

Suitable for Intermediate to medium sized birds.


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